Paintings by Jacques Viljoen

Jacques Viljoen was born in South Africa and studied fine art at The University of Cape Town, majoring in painting.  He sees the act of painting as a way of living, of understanding the material world, and as a way of being present and focused on the moment - giving the act of creating art equal importance as the final artwork itself. Accepting oil painting's complex history and all the baggage that comes with it is very much part of Viljoen’s work: he believes that one does not have to break with history, or appropriate it, in order to move art forward. The idea that no one can escape from the present, or the past, is central to his current body of work.


Solo Shows

  • 2017 -  "Strangers", MostArt Centre, London

Group Shows

  • 2018 - Show of Hands, Aiding and Supporting Drugs, London
  • 2017 - Exploration and Investigation, Subterranean arts, Ipswitch
  • 2017 - Rough to Smooth, Freemasons' Hall, London
  • 2017 - Royal Society of Portrait Painters


  • 2017 - United Grand Lodge of England (Jan - Jun)


  • 2017 - SAA Artist of the Year, best figure or portrait



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