Paintings by Jacques Viljoen

Jacques Viljoen was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where he completed a BA in Fine Art at The University of Cape Town, majoring in Painting. He then moved to the UK where he later began a career as an artist, showing at exhibitions including the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

He is now studying drawing and painting in Italy at The Florence Academy of Art.

Viljoen currently exclusively from life as his primary interest is in how we perceive and translate reality, making reality and nature are the subject matter of his current work.

At present, he associates with a small group of academically trained painters who have returned to the philosophies and practices of the late 19th century, revisiting themes such as beauty, rhythm, truth and nature - as a direct reaction to the art favoured by the present establishment.

With global warming threatening our very existence and automation seeping into every aspect of our lives, there has never been a more appropriate time to stop, look at and contemplate the world around us.


Solo Shows

  • 2017 - "Strangers", MostArt Centre, London

Group Shows

  • 2018 - Show of Hands, Aiding and Supporting Drugs, London

  • 2017 - Exploration and Investigation, Subterranean arts, Ipswitch

  • 2017 - Rough to Smooth, Freemasons' Hall, London

  • 2017 - Royal Society of Portrait Painters


  • 2017 - United Grand Lodge of England (Jan - Jun)


  • 2017 - SAA Artist of the Year, best figure or portrait



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